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In the context of any development works of urban districts where there are people agglomerations there are many buildings that house a large number of individuals simultaneously. In some of them they work daily, others live there, in most of them they find themselves completely random there, such as in hotels, malls or hospitals. The common characteristic of all of them is that in most of them is leaving in a household day a large cluster of people. A primary attribute by default and therefore the concept of development of any urban settlements is the safety of the population in case of calamities and/or military conflagration when people who are in these buildings could be surprised by such an event ever.

That is why it is necessary that all buildings where there are clusters of people (which is simultaneously more than 150 persons) have necessarily space for the shelter to be properly equipped with specialized ventilation equipment, interwoven by organs specialized in civil defense, who can facilitate the survival of the people in the shelter. Local shelters antiaircraft defense require gas discharge and malodor of the 150 people being inside, supposedly for longer periods of time. Thus it has been developed a special type of radial fan, introduced within a facility and this one specifically designed to be mounted and used in case of need in shelters, called IFV2-750 Filtroventilation Installation. In case of earthquake or bombing, assuming more than probable the suppression of sources of supply, IFV2-750 is designed to introduce fresh air from outside, filtered, including mechanical horse and help the polluted air out of the shelters, the blast also experiencing and preventing the air intake paths.

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