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Although apparently fans are simple machines that are designed to “walk” an air mass, any connoisseur can discern at least in terms of industrial fans, that between energy and profitability are established dynamic relationships which may vary from one period of time to another due to the dynamic relationship between flow and pressure, especially when the factor temperature sometimes intervenes, which may be the ambient plus the working environment, temperatures which are both are high to very high. In case of choosing and redesign any industrial fan, these conditions constitute a frame-made entirely undetermined, whose solved through optimization, in most cases, is not simple.

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Since the practical needs require responses to a wide range of technological problems, the activity of the working equipment by air technology developed in the following directions: transport of air and gas, depoluting of the air, air-cooling industrial processes in order to save water, research and modeling hydro and wind systems, pneumatic transport of various granular or powdery products, smoke exhaust premises ablaze. Technological needs of industrial customers have imposed the development of mono and dual centrifugal extractor fans, for industrial ventilation and airing, with flow rates from 100m3 to 700,000 m3 and pressures from 300 to 1500 mmwg. They can carry air, hot gases, corrosive gases and can be used for pneumatic conveying and is used widely in industries that produce, in the exhaust gases, many pollutants that harm the environment, people that live near the plant in question and not least the staff who works there. Therefore these gases are extracted by fans of medium or large capacity, with high reliability, designed for continuous operation in order to not give misfires in the process. They become by effect technological fans, without which the process itself can not be understood, even if in principle it could take place without them.

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Due to the possible toxicity of gases handled they can be equipped with specialized filters. Because of the gas corrosiveness, where appropriate, the fans are made with corrosion protection, depending on the chemical elements contained in exhaust gases. If we talk and hot gas, where the fan must withstand operating temperatures constantly high, it can be achieved with thermal protection or stainless steel.

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