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Dear visitors of this website

Although I am convinced that you know us for a long time and we had the pleasure to submit offers or will produce fans to most of you, let me bring to your attention a brief presentation of the SAVEB products, the industrial ventilation products manufactured by us, COMPANIA DE VENTILATOARE-SA.

As you can see our site layout has fundamentally changed. It was about time. After a little more than ten years since being under the name COMPANIA DE VENTILATOARE-SA, the time has come to introduce ourselves to you as we are, what we do and especially what we can do for you. Because what we do is out of the ordinary and is addressed to exceptional situations, where our team has the experience and ability to solve them.

  • Ventilator de transport greu
    Ventilator de transport greu
  • Impeller_for a transportation fan,repaired and also modernised to increase the working capacity_for a foreign fan_designed, built, delivered and installed at ALRO Slatina, Romania
    Impeller_for a transportation fan,repaired and also modernised to increase the working capacity_for a foreign fan_designed, built, delivered and installed at ALRO Slatina, Romania

In the pages of the site you will find the presentation of SAVEB and of the products bearing this brand. In a word ventilation installations. But since no presentation can be sufficiently exhaustive to cover the entire range of products, especially because the specifics of our business is to turn most of them into unique pieces which are, in most cases, re-designed and executed to adapt themselves perfectly to the particular customer. Therefore the presentation you watch is informative only. Because of the fact that we produce unique fans or small series and not “on tape” (the standard series high), we have developed the ability to achieve within SAVEB also entirely new fans or parts thereof after some fans of foreign producers, through design and different adaptations. Solving this kind of requests of various types has helped many clients  not to replace their full equipment, especially when talking about great ventilation equipment as heavy pneumatic conveying or for cooling, as in metallurgy and energy industry for example, both in Romania and abroad. Thus they were able to make substantial savings, while we have defined ourselves also as a company specialized in designing, manufacturing and repairing industrial ventilation systems of any kind. Our production consists of short bursts or unique, all built in accordance with express customer requests is fully achieved in the company by our specialists based on individual adaptations of any of the fans of families SAVEB standard fans. As owners of the designs, these adaptations are not only possible, but we believe that this intra undoubtedly in our commitment to our customers and partners using ventilation systems SAVEB and whose technological requirements we must undoubtedly fulfil.

Thank you, Dear Readers, for your attention to these lines. I hope I have captured your interest. As I said, no presentation may be exhaustive enough to cover the entire range of products that are in fact unique. Therefore this blog will mainly introduce you to functional peculiarities of each type of fan SAVEB and the domain of using  each of them. I will present each of the fans we produce, with particular versions possible, with areas of application and wiring diagrams. I will detail case by case and where they work and who are part of their idiosyncrasies. I will publish this blog and articles general air technology, very important in most of the possible uses of industrial fans. And many other things that I think are interesting and useful … So I personally and my colleagues in the management of the COMPANIA DE VENTILATOARE- SA  as well as our specialists, will provide you with any information or solution, both in industrial fans and in industrial ventilation systems, whether we speak of eliminating emissions, flue gas cooling or pneumatic conveying, and other products and related papers.

Thank you and expect to meet you in the next pages. Or, even better, in our factory …

                            Lucian GOJ, Director Cercetare – Dezvoltare,

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