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The cement industry, for instance, has the specificity to produce hard powdered material. Therefore, there have been developed transportation ventilators, which are widely used also in the bakery industry. Another application of the radial transportation fans are the cyclones: the fan can be mounted either on the inlet or on the outlet of the cyclone and help to the transport of the heavy materials (wood waste and sawdust wood, beans, wheat and corn in agriculture, air loaded with particles when heavy cleaning in cement and building materials industry etc) and their discharge, helping to create a clean and unpolluted atmosphere. Rotors are made of materials with high resistance to abrasion caused by the mechanical agents that come into hard contact when transporting heavy dusty cement air.

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Also for cement industry have developed the gutter fans, which are conveying pneumatic  fans, specialized for this sector, whose role is to help transporting the cement dust from silos by gullies, to the burning and processing stove.

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For metallurgy and the hot sectors sections of the factories in the machine building industry or in the chemical industry have been developed specifically radial fans for hot gases,  withstanding temperatures up to 8000C, with thermal protection on the shaft and bearings.

Radial fans can be made in 16 mounting positions, depending on the position axis of the discharge mouth. They can be made either with direct drive or via wheel couplings or belt.

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