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Besides radial fans, SAVEB also produces axial fans. These are for general purpose, with fixed rotor blades (VRS) or with adjustable blades when the fan stops and for specific use such as those for agriculture, i.e. for ventilation of the siloses (VAP 560- 1000 m), for naval use, where the fans have cast aluminum impeller (VAP 560A), for subway (VM 18) as well as for tunnels or ducts (VAT 630).

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SAVEB produces also special axial fans with adjustable blades for special purposes, the so called VPV, where the blades are adjustable while working or the VPA, where blades are adjustable in the stop position. They are made of aluminum, both designed for use in chemical and petrochemical industries. To the same range belong also the VT fans which have adjustable blades when the fan stops; the blades are made of polyester reinforced fiberglass and are designated for the cooling towers for recycled water.

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