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Since the practical needs create responses to a wide range of technological problems, working equipment by air technology has been developed and imposed, in its turn, the emergence and expansion of a range of industrial fans centrifugal extractor single and double, with flow rates between 100m3 to approx.700.000 m3 and pressures from 300 to 1500 mm WG.

The attached charts show the wide limits of field-flow pressure between which some of the most common industrial centrifugal fans work, thus covering the biggest grievances in most industrial domains. It is noticed that in many cases some of them partially overlap the action fields of others, leading to the idea that certain parameters can be obtained in full by one and the same fan. It means therefore that a judicious design may lead, within certain limits, to the choice and use of a single industrial fan instead of two or more from different families that actually complement each other. It is therefore of utmost importance to define the working conditions and the desired parameters to be obtained by the industrial fan, in order to make the right choice. And because industrial fans are, generally speaking, machineries not that easy to replace and which substantially contribute to the optimal use of the other equipment they serve directly or environmentally, the right choice for the industrial fan to work in a definite location must be taken for a long run.

To progress with the study and with the understanding of the fans in the following presentations, there are first needed some clarifications in the terminology that is used in usual choice, study, design, and presentation of industrial fans.

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