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The FILTROVENTILATION INSTALLATION IFV2-750 is a complex machinery based on a radial fan, designed to introduce filtered air inside the civil protection shelters, ensuring the survival of a total of 150 people.

The FILTROVENTILATION INSTALLATION IFV2-750 consists of the following components:

group fan (fan, motor, speed multiplier, coupling) antiblast valve BYS-0 / A
retainer dust filter in the cover with flaps flowmeter 750 m³ph
micrometer 0 ÷ 50mmwg pipes, joints, elastic sleeves and collars
overpressure valves S – 00 safety lighting installation

The FILTROVENTILATION INSTALLATION IFV2-750 is equipped with connections for STL chemical filters type FPA 100 for withholding chemical warfare, radioactive and existing pathogens in the air to various applications or wartime and will be purchase only at the Civil Protection orders.                 


Mechanical filtration with electric drive Mechanical filtration with manual drive
-flow: 750m3ph; -flow: 600 m3ph ;
-pressure: 138mmwg; -pressure: 45mmwg;
-power consumption: 0.385kW; -no. of the multiplier’s crank revolutions: 50÷55rpm;
-engine speed: 2850rpm; -engine speed: 2260÷2340rpm;
Chemical  filtration  with electric drive Chemical  filtration  with manual drive
-flow: 300 m3ph ; -flow: 246 m3ph;
-pressure: 73mmwg; -pressure ; 49mmwg;
-power consumption: 0.250kw; -no. of the multiplier’s crank revolutions: 50÷55rpm;
-engine speed: 2850rpm; -engine speed: 2260÷2340rpm;



 – length: L = 1520mm;                              – width: l = 750mm;                                  – height: H = 2000mm;

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