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The power of the industrial fan

This is given by the force transmitted to the fluid that is transported. Therefore it can be said that the work done in a timeframe for the transmission of a fluid characterizes the fan’s power output.

The internal power is given by adding two elements: the consumed power and the absorbed power. The consumed power is the power that pays for energy losses that occur in the motor during operation from the actions that take place inside the fan (recirculated flow, friction in the housing, etc). The absorbed power is the power that is actually taken out by the fan shaft from the drive motor. But the installed power is the one that is performed by the drive motor as such, being listed on its label marking and is higher than the absorbed power.

The closer the power consumption and power input are to the installed power means that different types of friction losses and losses due to internal engine operation are lower and thus  the yield of the industrial fan is higher. In other words, there is / are creating a large reservoir of energy that can be transmitted to the working environment, hence the given system that engages the fan industry has no other major losses in the process, its yield may increase only based on the increase of efficiency of industrial fan.

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The yield of the industrial fan

The yields of the fan are:

– internal yield: ηint

– mechanical yield of the fan: ηmec

– yield of the  fan: ηf

– the yield of the drive motor is a size that characterizes the drive motor: ηmot [%], but influences directly the yield of the entire assembly of which consists the industrial fan

– transmission yield: ηtr [%],

Taking into consideration the above separate yields, for the cooling fans direct driven the yield of the fan can be also defined as   ηtr [%] = 1-overall efficiency of the unit

Thus, the industrial fan yield is calculated as follows:  η [%] = ηf . ηmot . ηtr

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