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Fans Repair

Consistency to the purpose we aimed at the inception, our company provides spare parts and repairs for SAVEB fans, whether they have been manufactured before 1990 FAN enterprise, the SC VENTILATORUL-SA between 1990-2005 or by COMPANIA DE VENTILATOARE-SA since November 2005., even for fans that are no longer in the current range of production. Because of the thing fans unique and not “on tape”, the series high standard, we have also the possibility to provide, in addition to maintenance services (such as balancing rotors) for repairing or manufacturing of parts for any type of fan branded SAVEB, regardless of year of manufacture thereof. And sometimes even for fans of other foreign manufacturers no longer provide maintenance after a certain number of years.

Fans Modernization

All fans SAVEB upgrades were developed in years of experience in their production and also designing and adapting to working in the toughest conditions imposed by the environment. As project owners, these adaptations are not only possible, but we believe this undoubtedly come in our commitment to our customers and partners already using or want to use SAVEB ventilation systems. And experience has helped us to be able to design functional parts of ventilation systems of other manufacturers abroad, working in the same conditions as the original or even touch their superior parameters.

Due to the fact that each of our fans are produced piece by piece, as unique product and not “on tape”, in series high standard, we have the ability to manufacture in the COMPANIA DE VENTILATOARE-SA subassemblies functional fan, modernizing the extent possible given the initial configuration of ventilation equipment, structural characteristics of certain components such as impellers, bearings, pins or to get flow or increased pressure without changing the whole fan.

We do these upgrades also to foreign fans, by own redesigning and/or by various adaptations, individualized. Especially fans of any of the standard fans SAVEB families.

Solving such demands has helped many clients do not replace their full equipment, making substantial savings and us helped us to define ourselves as a specialized company not only in the manufacture of industrial fans high reliability, but also the redesign, manufacture of spare parts, repairs and modernization of industrial ventilation systems.

Rotors Repair

Are the most common repairs and upgrades to be made fans of any capacity. Large-scale construction, whose full replacement result in considerable financial resources and long production times, which would require stopping the ventilation gear for long. If the fan is technological, as happens in most cases, this may become impossible.