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COMPANIA DE VENTILATOARE’s  main object of activity is the production of the industrial ventilation systems (except of those for domestic use). In a nutshell, the manufacturing of industrial fans designated to the end- users from the heavy industries, according to their specific needs.

For fulfilling its main object of activity, the new established in November 2005 COMPANIA DE VENTILATOARE took over by a “leasehold sales-purchase contract” the specific processing machineries, the designs archive and the commercial attributes (the main object of activity, the logo/brand name, the clients portfolio, the accreditations, a.s.o) from the former VENTILATORUL-SA company, which thus ceased its activity. By the obligations of the same contract, COMPANIA DE VENTILATOARE took over also the working personnel of VENTILATORUL company and by this its the entire experience and the brand name SAVEB. Therefore on the fans market, we are the single producer, both legally and factually, of the industrial fans SAVEB, which have a history of almost 85 years of equipping the heavy industry in Romania as in many other countries.

The stock holding SAVEB-SA company has been initially established in 1932 to study and produce impellers for airplanes, under the coordination of the Romanian Aircraft Engineering Corporation (ICAR). In 1941, due to the outstanding results obtained in the aircraft activity, ICAR buys the factory and the subsequent field. The basic activity of ICAR was the aircraft repairs and construction of new airplanes. There were built here both the world known Romanian planes ICAR  (the versions universal, commercial and acrobatic) and airplanes under license as MESSERSCHMITT, FLEET si FIESSLER-STORCH. The flying tests were done using the factory fields located in its neighborhood, in that period located in a suburb of Bucharest, better said outside the city.

The activity in this domain continued at the enterprise ICAR during the World War II, between 1940-1945, but the specialization increased because Romania, and particularly ICAR/SAVEB company, has been chosen for its experience gathered in this domain to perform repairing at the German military MESSERSCHMITT airplane engines.

After 1948, as effect of the Peace Treaty, it was forbidden for Romania to have aircraft industry or even industry for aircraft spare parts production. Thus the production for airplanes impellers was converted into something similar, the production for industrial fans impellers. Due to the outstanding experience of all its staff, until designing, manufacturing and introducing into current production the radial and axial industrial fans which equipped all the Romanian industry in rebuilding after the war was no more than a step… And thus the old SAVEB-SA transformed itself into the INTREPRINDEREA “VENTILATORUL” Bucharest ( the “FAN” ENTERPRISE Bucharest), but the brand name remained still SAVEB

The transfer to the new kind of production was successful, mostly due to the accrued experience and to the tradition in solving scientific problems regarding the technique of moving the air, of aerodynamics, common problems both to aviation as well as of the machinery for air technique.Due to these reasons, both the designers and the personnel from the factory, due to their experience, have easily integrated in the new specific work of SAVEB.

In order to work in proper conditions, COMPANIA DE VENTILATOARE-SA  established both the headquarters and the production facility as well as the commercial premises in the FAUR Industrial Park. Since the beginning, COMPANIA DE VENTILATOARE-SA did not stop a single day its activity, not even in the period of moving the machinery from the old premises to the actual one, which allowed us to keep untouched the portfolio of clients and to continue to respond to their demands, without causing prejudices by our relocation on the new settlement.

Therefore one can say that even if it was quite recently established, at the end of 2005, COMPANIA DE VENTILATOARE-SA  has a long tradition in its activity, due to taking over the experience of its productive personnel, of the internal and external market and of the fan types which, together with the designs archive of all the SAVEB ventilation equipment, are its exclusive property. The SAVEB fans are acknowledged for more than 60 years as products belonging to the unique Romanian producer of specific fans and spare parts for these in key sectors for economic development: metallurgy, cement industry, chemistry and petrochemical industry, rail, auto and naval transportation, power stations. These sectors represent market niche segments where the SAVEB products do not have competitors in the domestic production. All the fans were developed in years of experience for their production and for designing and adaptations to functioning in the heaviest utilization conditions. The quality of the products was mentained and our production consists only from short series or unique pieces, all responding to the express individual demands of the clients. Each request is a basis for individual redesign of each fan, redesign done in the company by our own specialists, in order for the standard fan to become a dedicated one, which will respond in use to all the technical parameters proper to the location it will be installed and to the particular condition required. Thus our company succeeded to mentain itself on the market even in the conditions of the last years.

After 2000 there have been major transformations in the Romanian industrial landscape. For being able to resist in this new industrial configuration of Romania and to respond to some new types of clients’ demands, the production of industrial fans was reconsidered  to be constituted only from short series or unique pieces, dedicated to some well established functions, all of them only custom made, redesigned/adapted case by case according to the express requirements of the clients, where the variables flow-pressure-working temperature-protection to the corrosive agents present in the working environment to be correlated between them in order to obtain an increased reliability of the product. By reconsidering the new philosophy for adapting it was in view also the mentaining the quality of the products, goal which has  been obtained in the new production configuration.

So, after 10 years of functioning, COMPANIA DE VENTILATOARE-SA succeeded to mentain the brand SAVEB in the industrial fan market, even in the conditions of the last years of crisis and of a tough competition from the foreign fan sellers.

Consistent to the its original purpose, our company ensures spare parts and repairings for the SAVEB fans, no matter if if they were produced by the VENTILATORUL Enterprise before 1990, by the company VENTILATORUL-SA between 1990-2005 or by COMPANIA DE VENTILATOARE-SA starting with November 2005, even for fans which are no longer in the current production program. Due to the system of producing unique pieces and not  big mass series , we have also the possibility to offer, beyond maintenance services (like equilibrations for impellers), repairs and manufacturing of any type of subassemblies for any type of SAVEB branded fan, no matter its year of commissioning. And sometimes even for fans of other foreign producers which, in most cases, especially when the fan are mass series type, do not assure maintenance after a certain number of years. Also, when needed, the SAVEB technicians can be even dispatched to client’s location for installation, erection, commissioning, start-up assistance, inspection or testing, regardless of the original fan manufacturer.

Also because of  the system of producing unique pieces and not  big mass series, we have the capacity to manufacture in the COMPANIA DE VENTILATOARE-SA factory entirely new fans or parts of them modernizing or repairing foreign fans the customers use for years. We make these modernizations by own designing and/or various adaptations, individualized. We can do this kind of work also to any fan from the standard SAVEB families. So that any standard SAVEB family is nomore standard.

All SAVEB fans have been developed in years of experience in producing them and although of designing  and adapting to functioning in the toughest working environment conditions. Solving the various type demands helped many clients to not replace entirely the equipment, making so substantial financial economies; in the same time it was an aid for us, COMPANIA DE VENTILATOARE-SA, in helping us to define ourselves under the new name as a specialized company not only in the manufacturing of industrial fans with high reliability, but also in redesigning fans and subassemblies, manufacturing spare parts and repairing of the industrial ventilation systems. Being the owners of the designs, these adaptations are not only possible, but we consider this to be our obligation towards our clients and business partners who use already or are going to use the SAVEB ventilation systems. And the experience helped us in conceiving functional subassemblies of the ventilation systems of other foreign producers, which work in the same parameters like the originals or even higher.

Because no presentation can be exhaustive enough to cover the entire range of products, especially that the majority of them is formed by unique pieces,  being mostly redesigned and executed according to some existing particular conditions requested by the customers, the annexed presentation is only informative. We wish to satisfy the demands of our clients who activate, like we do, in the Romanian industrial landscape. Therefore, as any request is, in its way, unique, it will be always treated likeways and the target of our team is to answer by a positive solution to any requirement having as object the industrial fans SAVEB and not only, no matter if it is technical or commercial.

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